Eamonn and Mary spoke to Dan Dooner, Roscommon People about the future of Gleesons, how we adapted during the pandemic and developed over the years.

Gleesons adapted to the change the pandemic brought with it, but we were determined in keeping with some of the classic staples on the menu, like Roscommon Lamb Stew.

“our signature dish and we have taken it halfway around the world to different events”

Gleesons charm and great taste remained as we brought our hospitality outside to our newly renovated courtyard, completed with parasols, new outdoor furniture, and the customers favourite heated seats. We look forward to reopening our outdoor dining and welcoming more customers in the coming weeks, when hopefully the temperatures rise a few degrees.

Outdoor Dining at Gleesons


While in the heart of Roscommon town, we are lucky to have rooms over-looking the recently renovated Market Square which is sure to have a great impact on local hospitality.

Town centres are becoming places for people to meet rather than just for shopping in and the new-
look Square will add to that. We really welcome it”.

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