Immerse yourself in the rich history and stunning landscapes of Counties Leitrim, Roscommon, and Sligo as you traverse the Miners Way & Historical Trail. This network of walking paths offers a glimpse into the lives of miners who once toiled in the Arigna Coal Mines, winding through picturesque countryside and rugged terrain.

Exploring the Route

Spanning a total of 65.7 kilometers, the Arigna Miners Way route ascends approximately 1,300 meters, while the Historical Trail covers 60.5 kilometers with an ascent of around 850 meters. Ideal for a week-long adventure, these trails allow visitors to tailor their experience by selecting specific sections to explore. As you journey along the paths, you’ll find yourself seamlessly connected from Ireland’s Ancient East to the majestic Wild Atlantic Way.

Guidance and Etiquette

Access to this land is graciously provided by the landowners, making it essential for visitors to tread respectfully. As the trails pass through working farmland, it’s important to refrain from bringing dogs along. Follow the clear directional signage to stay on course and ensure you leave minimal impact on the environment by adhering to the principles of Leave No Trace.

Plan Your Adventure

With a full walk spanning 118 kilometers and taking approximately five days to complete, the Miners Way & Historical Trail offers a blend of easy and moderate terrain, catering to adventurers of varying skill levels. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through scenic vistas or a challenging trek through rugged landscapes, this trail promises an unforgettable experience.

Embark on a journey through time and nature as you traverse the Miners Way & Historical Trail. From the echoes of Ireland’s industrial past to the breathtaking beauty of its countryside, every step along these paths unveils a new chapter in the region’s history and heritage. So lace up your boots, heed the call of adventure, and discover the stories woven into the fabric of this captivating trail.