Here at Gleesons we have a soft spot for all things Christmassy. Our historic old building lends itself really well to festive decorations and we love the whole ceremony of putting up the wreaths, ornaments and garlands. It’s all a bit olde worlde but isn’t that what Christmas is all about – tradition and familiarity.  We enjoy yuletide food as well and go all out on the traditional menu. No wonder we get so many Christmas lunch and dinner parties!

Eamonn is on the Roscommon Christmas Lights Committee and they’ve been hard at work since late October, making sure the town looks its best for the season. This year they’ve done trojan work in implementing a smart energy plan. Every single lightbulb has been replaced with a smart LED bulb, reducing the electricity required by an astounding 75%. The lights display on Main Street have been entirely replaced this year, to make the town centre look better than ever. The official day for the ceremonial switching on is Sunday 26th November at 5pm. It’s a lovely annual ritual, all about spreading a little cheer, and everyone is invited to take part.

We’re especially looking forward to the Roscommon Christmas Festival on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December. It’s going to be a lovely festive celebration with a Christmas Market and food stalls as well as music and street performances. Everything takes place in our fabulous new Town Square – literally outside our gates. Guests in Gleesons front rooms will get a birds eye view of a yuletide fairyland.

Christmas in Roscommon is authentic, welcoming and has a real community feel to it. Just like Gleesons.