Step Back In Time. Enjoy A Free Interactive Heritage Tour Of Roscommon Town

Roscommon is home to Kings and Castles, incredible archaeological sites and historical ruins that would make anyone stop and gaze in awe of these monumental sites that are so unique to Roscommon. Roscommon was named after Coman mac Faelchon who had come to Roscommon and built a monastery in the 5th century on the east bank of the River Suck, at a wood (ros) which was called after him (Ros Comain).

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Book a Last Minute Getaway & Celebrate Culture Night

Culture night is almost upon us! Roscommon’s rich history and heritage makes it the perfect place to celebrate culture night – this Friday the 17th of September. All within 20 minutes of us here in Gleesons, we’ve rounded up the best that Roscommon has to offer for culture night entertainment. Dive into traditional music, feast your eyes on visual arts and history and so much more this Culture night.

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